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Diversity & Inclusion

At Spin Master, everybody is welcome in our sandbox.

In 2019, we launched our first diversity survey to identify opportunities to improve our workforce so that all employees are appropriately represented. As we continue to improve our overall employee experience, the diversity survey will be completed annually by employees to track our efforts.
Building Diverse Teams
We believe the benefit of diversity is that team members can bring their whole selves to work. At Spin Master our culture of inclusion stems from people from different perspectives, experiences, countries and cultures who bring their different skills to our sandbox.
Leading by Example
In 2018, we delivered global training where team members and leaders where taught to engage in behaviors that make it safe for all people to share their thoughts and show them by being supportive when they contribute.
Women's Empowerment Network
Spin Master's own Women's Empowerment Network creates an internal community of motivation, inspiration and growth across all levels of the organization through events, workshops, mentorship and continued learning opportunities.
Access for Youth
While the company supports many different not-for-profit organizations, the majority of our Youth education programs offer opportunities to help young people, gain the industry knowledge, skills, and access to networks necessary to effectively manage careers through adulthood. ​​​​​​​
Proud to Support
One of Spin Master’s core values is entrepreneurship, and since 2010, Spin Master has collaborated with Futurpreneur to help grow innovative new businesses.  From 2010 to 2017, the Spin Master Innovation Fund, in partnership with Futurpreneur Canada, has given approximately $2.5 million in start-up financing to innovative new companies.
Networking Communities
​​​​​​​No matter what the initiative, the community or organization our intent is to strengthen communities around the world. Whether it be providing financial support to help local organizations to afford supplies and programs that might otherwise go unfunded or volunteerism which provides communities access to human capital they would not otherwise have.
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We reimagine where imagination can take us
At Spin Master, innovation and creativity are at the heart of the business. Everyday there is a novel concept. You will be working on things that you love and are passionate about." Amir Haddadi, Senior Manager, Electrical Engineering
We reimagine where imagination can take us
“I instantly fell in love with the energetic buzz and creative atmosphere--I've had the pleasure to collaborate with some of the most talented designers in the field." Jennifer Bagnall, Senior Packaging Designer
We reimagine where imagination can take us
“The culture here at Spin Master is amazing; the people are bright, motivated, and great to work with. The work is challenging and invigorating. Employees are granted ownerdhip of their work and management provides the necessary tools to get the job done." Geoff Ip, Senior Sales Analyst