Having fun
while we are creating fun!

It's all about our people.

When folks here are asked what they love most about working at Spin Master, one answer comes up over and over again: the people.

Our Mission, Our Vision & Our Values

Our Mission and our Vision is to make life more fun by pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity, and fun! A part of our company from the very start, our values are embodied in everyone from top leadership through to new and veteran team members alike, who –like you– were attracted to Spin Master due to our shared mind set, moral code, and way of being. Basically speaking, we enjoy a casual culture here, having fun while we are creating fun! Here are some more insights about how we tick.

Creating innovative fun stuff

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“It’s part art, part science and you’re looking for that magical moment where the kids connect with the toy in a special way.”

–Ronnen Harary, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & Board Director

Ideas no matter where they come from

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“One of the things I love most about Spin Master is being encouraged to come up with our own ideas. We have creative freedom to take an idea, develop it, nurture it, and present it to decision makers who are willing to listen.”

–Spin Master Employee

Integrity always no foolin'

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“What do I love about Spin Master? Integrity. It runs from the top-down; they respect that value so highly and so do I.”

–Spin Master Employee

Partnerships being successful together

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“Each of you in your own way helps make Spin Master the company it is today: creative, innovative, flexible, and with as bright a future as ever.”

–Ben Varadi, EVP, Chief Creative Officer & Board Director

Pushing the boundaries of innovation creativity plus fun

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“We want to be pioneers of play. Ultimately, if you have the magic, that’s what takes the business forward.”

–Ben Gadbois, Global President, Chief Operations Officer & Board Director

Spirit entrepreneurial

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“I really have been able to make my ideas come to life and that’s the whole reason I came to Spin Master in the first place.”

–Spin Master Employee

Make life more fun

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“We lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”

–Jack Kerouac, Novelist, Poet & Literary Iconoclast

People having fun working and growing together

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“We're attracting great people, morale is up and there's a proliferation of ideas!”

–Anton Rabie, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & Board Chair

Driving results

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“We’re all on the same wavelength, striving to meet the same goal.”

–Spin Master Employee

Insights from the Inside

“Being open about your work interests and what makes you happy will go a long way in developing your career in a direction that fulfills you. You may be surprised by how much others here want to help you get there.”

“Listen and hear because there are so many people in this company that have amazing stories to tell and lessons to teach. If you can come here and spend the first chunk of time listening and absorbing and learning, you will find your voice.”

“There is so much to learn so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking is okay! Be prepared to always learn something new. Be open.”

“Don’t be too reserved, get yourself out there. You can breathe and even if there are tight deadlines there is still a lot of flexibility to have fun.”

“Try to sit down with someone from each department you’ll be collaborating with and don’t be shy. Learn three new things about them, understand their process and how best you can work with them.”

“Take time to learn what the company does, as well as how your team works and operates within the bigger picture. Sometimes new people at a company want to change the world and dominate right away; that can be difficult without knowing the culture here.”

“Make time to get to know the senior staff, who are pretty available. You can learn from their experiences and when you need to present ideas to them they will know who you are because you have already started to build a relationship.”

“Build relationships with people that are meaningful to your role. For example, IT are people that can make your life easier when you need to call in a favour!”

“It helps to come with ideas but not to be one-track-minded. You need to be collaborative, open minded and a team player.”

“Be prepared to work hard! We work hard but we play hard. When you start you can’t help but get caught up in the energy right away; it pulls you in. When people leave I think they realize not every company has that pull.”

“Don’t be afraid to try new things. This is what sold me on this job.”

Ready to Start Having Fun

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