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  • Toronto, ON (HQ)


  • Mexico City

United States

  • Bentonville, AR
  • Edison, NJ
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New York City, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Tarboro, NC
  • Virginia Beach, VA


  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Calais, France
  • London, UK
  • Milan, Italy
  • Munich, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Warsaw, Poland


  • Bangalore, India
  • Dongguan, China
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  • Hai Phong, Vietnam
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Jiaxing, China
  • Qingdao, China
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Tokyo, Japan

Award-Winning Culture

We shoot for the stars and often times we capture them! Since the inception of the Toy of the Year (TOTY) awards in 2000 thru 2018, Spin Master teams brought in a staggering total of 28 trophies and 96 nominations! We are also tied with Mattel and Leapfrog for most wins of the big overall "Toy of the Year" award (3)! Notably, we have been nominated 13 times for Innovative Toy of the Year – more than any of our competitors – and in 2017 we won for the third time in four years, for Hatchimals. Being renowned as masters of innovation means we have a reputation to live up to. With the entire team’s daily joint effort, we’re knocking it out of the park year after year. Additionally we have won thousands of awards and other accolades from retailers, parenting organizations, magazines, and others. We are a Platinum winner of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, having earned that honour for over seven straight years.

“It’s very gratifying to win an award for doing
your job well. You feel like you’re being recognized
for all of your hard work. It makes you realize
what you can achieve with team effort. What you
contribute daily really counts.”



Who We Are

Learn about our executive leadership team who lead us to be the best we can be.
We’re a flatter culture than most, so you can expect to interact with these folks fairly regularly.


The Points of Our Compass

To give you a deeper understanding of our company, we'll shine the spotlight on some of the key people that have brought us to this moment.

Ronnen Harary

Ronnen Harary

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & Chair

Still waters run deep. Ronnen is all about Spin Master's Vision. He keeps the company moving in the right direction.

  • Favourite part of Spin Master to foster: Entertainment.
  • Fun Fact: Ronnen is a respected photographer and has documented his world travels.
  • Double Trouble: Ronnen and Anton created their first business in university, selling posters to students.
  • Quote: "I can see the thread of what goes into success and the thread that goes into failure. And to me the biggest thing is the attention to detail. You have to put in a lot of love and care — it has got to be PERFECT."
Anton Rabie

Anton Rabie

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & Board Director

Anton has a passion for finding and developing our people. He brings an animated enthusiasm to his pursuit of business that fuels Spin Master's engine. In our first decade, Anton championed all Sales globally and helped to set up what is now a network of international offices.

  • Favourite part of Spin Master to foster: Acquisitions and our People.
  • Fun Fact: Anton is an ace on the tennis court and won a Dancing With Our Stars charity competition with a perfect 10 Paso Doblé.
  • The Very Beginning: Anton met Ronnen at summer camp when they were only 8 years old!
  • Quote: "Spin Master would be nowhere without our people. Having an open-minded culture that champions ideas from anywhere has attracted the smartest people to our company."
Ben Varadi

Ben Varadi

Executive Vice-President, Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder & Board Director

Ben V is our toy maker wunderkind who inexplicably intuits what every kid wants. Ben strives to ensure Spin Master toys remain coveted.

  • Favourite part of Spin Master to foster: Innovation and Inventor Relations.
  • Fun Fact: Ben V is an avid pianist and has a music studio in his home. He secretly wants to be a rock star when he grows up.
  • Make it a Triple: Ben V met Ronnen and Anton when they all attended the University of Western Ontario.
  • Quote: "I do love my job. If I were to measure my success in laughs, I've done very well for myself."
Ben Gadbois

Ben Gadbois

Global President, Chief Operating Officer & Board Director

Ben G is our newest leader, adding became the fourth wheel to our race car. He ensures everything is working smoothly, enabling Spin Master to speed into the future in prime condition.

  • Favourite part of Spin Master to foster: Overall strategy and value creation.
  • Fun Fact: Ben G is an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast.
  • The Chosen One: Ben G was tagged to balance the leadership team in 2012 and help craft the future with Anton, Ronnen & Ben V.
  • Quote: "Our mission is to push the boundaries of fun for our consumers and create incredible value for everyone in the process!"
Adam Beder

Adam Beder

Executive Vice-President Global Licensing & Business Affairs

Adam has grown up right alongside Spin Master, having worked here since 1997 when the company was only a couple of years old and he was fresh out of university. He has since developed the Licensing department from the ground up into a thriving arm of our business.

  • Primary role at Spin Master: Brokering deals both ways: licensing others’ characters to create toys, and licensing our own properties to other companies for non-toy products such as apparel and lifestyle items.
  • Fun Fact: Adam is known to have the best hair in the industry.
  • Flying high: In our early days, Adam was instrumental in the hugely successful promotion of the Sky Shark – a runaway hit that eventually launched our Air Hogs brand – and signing our first major global license, The Wiggles.
  • Quote: "As a leading children’s entertainment company, we look for quality, uniqueness and the wow factor, along with characters that break through, reach children’s hearts and expand their imagination. At the end of the day, we aim to make children smile."
Bill Hess

Bill Hess

Executive Vice-President Operations & Chief Information Officer

Since joining our team in 2013 after almost two decades at Newell Rubbermaid, Bill has been strengthening the foundations of our many Operations and IT functions so we can continue to build Spin Master bigger and better.

  • Primary role at Spin Master: Operations, Supply Chain, IT, R&D.
  • Fun Fact: To balance his tech junkie personality, when Bill isn’t at work you’ll likely find him fishing with his family near his North Carolina home or riding his motorcycle in the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Thanks a million: In his first year at Spin Master, Bill successfully challenged his teams to increase productivity and reduce costs to the tune of $40 million. His productivity mindset has continued to strenghten the company, driving over $100 million in savings since his arrival.
  • Quote: "When you first look at Spin Master, you see the characters around the table. But with time you begin to see the team… and that team is more impactful than any individual. That is what is important to me and that is what we need to continue to nurture."
Chris Beardall

Chris Beardall

Executive Vice-President Global Sales

Joining Spin Master in 2000, we have benefitted greatly from Chris’s Sales expertise as we have expanded to markets across the world under his watch.

  • Primary role at Spin Master: Domestic & International Sales.
  • Fun Fact: Known around the office as the fastest retail analytics processor (including computers and calculators), Chris also enjoys using these skills at Texas Hold’em tables during his fun time.
  • Quite a catch: Chris was formerly the toy buyer at a little outfit called Walmart. We liked him so much we snapped him up to lead our Sales team.
  • Quote: "We work and play hard but still laugh a lot every day."
Chris Harrs

Chris Harrs

Executive Vice-President & General Counsel

Chris has been our General Counsel since 2004, leading our Legal department, and is now also Corporate Secretary of our Board of Directors.

  • Primary role at Spin Master: Chris and his team handle all things legal including Securities Law, Contracts, IP Protection and Enforcement, Litigation, and Regulatory Matters.
  • Fun Fact: When not working, Chris can be found cycling in far away locations with his family.
  • Music Maestro: Prior to joining Spin Master, Chris worked at Universal Studios/Universal Music where he helped architect and pick the songs for one of the top selling Canadian albums of all time, MuchMusic Big Shiny Tunes.
  • Quote: "With our creation of innovative consumer and digital products combined with entertainment production, Spin Master has to be one of the most diverse and dynamic companies to work for in Canada."
Mark Segal

Mark Segal

Chief Financial Officer

Mark served as our first CFO from 2001-2011, returning to the fold in 2015 to help take us public and beyond.

  • Primary role at Spin Master: Mark is responsible for all aspects of Spin Master's global financial operations, including capital structure strategy, acquisition execution, treasury operations, brand finance, taxation, budgeting & financial planning, risk management and financial reporting.
  • Fun Fact: When not training for his next Marathon, you can find him on another kind of track: he's a passionate fan of driving Porsches.
  • Leading Canucks on the world stage: During part of his time away from Spin Master, Mark worked at two other global Canadian phenoms: Canada Goose and Husky.
  • Quote: "It's been incredible to watch Spin Master grow and help bring the company public, but most rewarding is the chance to be on this exciting journey with the most dedicated, passionate and innovative people in the business."
Nancy Zwiers

Nancy Zwiers

Chief Marketing Officer

Nancy is our CMO, responsible for brand building and all marketing activities, including product strategy, packaging, advertising, media, content development, research and communications.

  • Primary role at Spin Master: Brand-building and launch strategies with our Marketing, Advertising, Packaging, Research, and Communications teams.
  • Fun Fact: Nancy reads books on neuroscience for fun (38 and counting).
  • Elf in Chief: Before joining our team, Nancy ran her own toy creation consultancy, influencing product design and marketing at just about every company in the industry... including Spin Master!
  • Quote: "I love children, I believe in the power of play, and I thrive on innovating… Spin Master is the perfect home for me."

Our Milestones

From a single product and $10,000, Spin Master grew into a billion dollar children’s entertainment corporation with over 1,000 dedicated Team Members. However, to fully appreciate our journey, you need to understand both our tremendous record for success and our resilience in the face of downfalls.

“We basically doubled down and did whatever was possible to make it happen!”



Strategic risk-takers from the get go

Straight out of college, our 3 partners cut their business teeth on two successive novelty products: grass-head Earth Buddy & twirling Devil Sticks.

Identifying their individual strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses, the three clicked as partners because their capabilities complemented each other. Ronnen excelled at operations, Anton was passionate about people and sales, and Ben was a creative dynamo.

Together they decided to focus on the development of original toys… unbeknownst to them, the industry in Canada was shrinking at that time, to become more of a distribution outpost for American products.

Decade of Growth

The outliers settle in for the long haul

The fact that Anton, Ronnen, and Ben knew nothing about running a toy company didn’t stop them!

The three burgeoning entrepreneurs put ego aside and soaked up knowledge by asking questions of those who had come before them. They built and finessed robust relationships with every retailer, vendor, licensor, inventor, and other partners they encountered, inciting a desire in everyone to see plucky little Spin Master succeed.

After a risky and expensive two-year development process, Air Hogs Sky Shark was released and SOARED to become the #3 selling toy of the year. This launched the Air Hogs brand, one of our most popular product lines to this day.

During this decade we went on to grow our licensing partnerships from one-off successes like the McDonald’s McFlurry Maker and Hershey Kiss Maker to global master licenses for The Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba. We also developed a strategy for creating a frenzy among kids for collectibles such as Tech Deck, Flick Trix, and Mighty Beanz.

Surprising even themselves, the trio had turned out to be a great success! As Spin Master grew bigger and bigger, the partners recognized the need to invest in smart people in order for us to flourish. Our business began to attract diverse talent, growing to over 200 people and adding offices in China, France, Japan, United States, United Kingdom (and later Mexico, Germany, Slovakia, Netherlands, Italy, and Vietnam, but who’s counting?)

Overwhelming Success

Catching a dragon by the tail

Even the most optimistic forecasters couldn’t have predicted the immense success of the juggernaut that was Bakugan! The #1 selling toy around the world, Bakugan generated many eager kids and emptied store shelves.

Bakugan was also a hugely successful television cartoon (co-created by us) and licensed property. The experience of Bakugan spawned our Entertainment division and further solidified our reputation as serious contenders across the entire spectrum of children’s entertainment.

Challenging Times

Weathering the storm

The reality of this industry is that children’s tastes are fickle and difficult to predict. When Bakugan’s popularity inevitably waned, we weren’t able to immediately replace its massive success with equally sought-after products. These were challenging times for Spin Master and difficult decisions had to be made to turn the company around and ensure its survival.

To successfully move forward, Ben Gadbois was tapped as Global President for his business acumen. Working closely with the partners and our senior team, he introduced some much needed corporate structure and discipline to Spin Master while retaining our essential creative energy.

Recovery & IPO

The sun rises again

We tightened our belts and pulled up our boot straps! The Spin Master ship was turned around in record time, going public on the Toronto Stock Exchange on July 30, 2015. We acquired several companies and brands including Meccano, Cardinal Games, Editrice Giochi, Etch A Sketch, Toca Boca & Sago Mini, Swimways, and Marbles. Spin Master continued to attain new heights of success with our licensing partnerships, including new big winners such as Monsters U, Powerpuff Girls, and Star Wars.

We entered new segments including robotics and construction, and released further successful entertainment properties such as PAW Patrol, Little Charmers, and Rusty Rivets. Our business now has a broader foundation of success to further build upon and an exciting new global HQ in Toronto’s Entertainment district.

Spin Master is now a Global Top 10 Entity in the toy industry, celebrated for our integrity and ingenuity and our unmistakable entrepreneurial spirit which continues to sprout from those seeds of grass over two decades ago.

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“Our strategies are bold and audacious – just wait and see what comes next!”


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